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Newsom outlines stage two; timeline for reopening schools not accelerated

At today’s press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that stage two of the four-stage plan to reopen society would begin at the end of the week, with detailed guidance to be released Thursday, May 7. Newsom said adjustments to retail operations as well as the supports and logistics surrounding them would be the first to experience an easing of restrictions. Nonessential retail operations such as those that sell books, clothing, flowers, music, toys and sporting goods may start operating again, through a curbside pick-up model. 

Gov. Newsom also said that certain regions and counties may be able to open up further — perhaps even including some restaurants — depending on local circumstances. These areas can consider additional modifications if the counties can self-assess and self-verify with both the county public health official and county supervisor that it meets the following capacity requirements: testing and tracing, enforcing physical distancing and sanitation, protecting the most vulnerable in the community and providing personal protective equipment to employees.

In a subsequent press release, the Governor’s office noted that the timeline for reopening schools has not been accelerated and added that he is working with school districts and education leaders throughout the state to determine when on-campus instruction can resume. 

“This is a very positive sign and it’s happened only for one reason — the data says it can happen,” Newsom said. “But we recognize, as we begin to modify, possible community spread may occur. If that’s the case and we do not have the capacity to control that spread, to trace that spread, to isolate individuals that may have come into contact with COVID-19, we will have to make modifications anew.”