Reminder: July 11 State Allocation Board stakeholder meeting
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Provide input on proposed policy changes to School Facilities Program

State Allocation Board stakeholder meeting: Wednesday, July 11

The Office of Public School Construction will hold an important stakeholder meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at 10 a.m. at the State Capitol (Room 447) regarding proposed regulatory amendments to the State Allocation Board’s process for accepting School Facilities Program funding requests. CSBA opposes the proposed amendments.

School and county board members are encouraged to attend this meeting in person to submit feedback and/or submit feedback via email.

Meeting info:
Wednesday, July 11
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
State Capitol (Room 447)
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Webcast link:
A link will be posted on the
SAB homepage the morning of July 11

Email Feedback:
Feedback on the proposed changes can be submitted to
OPSC via email.
(Please copy Nancy Chaires Espinoza ( on any SAB correspondence)

About proposed amendments
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Currently, when school facilities projects are submitted to the State Allocation Board and there is no funding available, those projects are added to a backlog and await future available funding.

If the proposed amendments are accepted, the State Allocation Board would cease accepting applications for new construction and modernization project funding when the board has received enough funding requests to account for available bond authority.

CSBA opposes the proposed regulatory amendments.

This change would mean that project requests submitted when there is no longer available bond authority would no longer be added to the backlog. Consequentially, there will be no lists of any kind created that would a) show the need for school facilities funding statewide or b) to secure a local education agency’s “place in line” for processing with future bond funds.

This change would effectively end the use of the School Facilities Program for reimbursement projects. 

SAB staff predicts that sufficient applications to account for all available new construction bond authority will be received by October 2018, and by September 2019 for all available modernization bond authority.

School and county board leaders are encouraged to submit feedback to the SAB on how these changes would adversely affect future requests for facilities funding. Click the button below to email your feedback to OPSC staff; please copy Nancy Chaires Espinoza ( with CSBA on any correspondence.