Your input is needed on the FCC’s Federal E-rate program
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Your input is needed on the FCC’s Federal E-rate program
The Federal Communications Commission has recently invited the public – including school board members – to provide feedback on the sufficiency of E-rate investments in WiFi and other connectivity needs for increasing teaching and learning opportunities for students.

By Nov. 7, the FCC needs your input about the program's impact on your district's technology needs, including the unique challenges facing your students and teachers.

The FCC will use this information to make decisions about the E-rate's future. Therefore, it is critically important that school board members weigh in to highlight the program's success and let the FCC know that you value the E-rate's dedicated funding for WiFi and other within-school connections.

Take Action!

Click here to access the FCC’s Express Comment Page, which is open through Nov. 7

Use code 13-184 when asked to enter a "Proceeding" in the first data field.

Key points to mention when submitting your comments to the FCC:
  • E-rate modernization has helped connect 35 million K-12 students to at least 100 kbps of Internet access.
  • The FCC must protect the funding provided for within-school connections and continue to strongly support the E-rate.
  • The FCC should remain committed to the 5-year funding window promised to school districts by the 2014 E-rate Modernization Order.