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Lifting up fellow Californians in a time of need
Dear member:

This week’s wildfires in Northern and Southern California have created devastating scenes of loss across the state.
CSBA is committed to lifting up fellow Californians in this time of great need. If, like us, you’re searching for ways to contribute, you can send monetary donations to the Red Cross here. There are also a variety of local volunteer and donation efforts taking place in both Northern California and Southern California.

School sites become an important focal point within communities during times of crisis. Some schools have been forced to close because of direct danger or the health concerns that arise from smoke-related air quality issues. Other schools surrounding disaster areas have been opened as evacuation shelters.

The California Department of Education is offering assistance to schools and districts in order to recoup lost Average Daily Attendance funds for schools that have been forced to close. Other resources such as crisis communication strategies and a sample policy for disaster preparedness can be found on CSBA’s blog.

Neighborhoods have been destroyed, lives have been lost and too many families and students have been displaced from their homes. Needless to say, these natural disasters have been in our thoughts all week, and they are an ongoing concern we will continue to closely monitor in order to offer support to schools and school districts.

As schools, districts and the families they serve anxiously watch the valorous efforts of first responders and start to plan recovery efforts, we want those affected to know that there is help available. State and local authorities have been tirelessly working to provide relief and make public safety their top priority.

If your district has been affected by this state of emergency, CSBA is here to help — please contact us if we can be of any assistance.


Susan Henry (President, CSBA) and Vernon M. Billy (CEO & Executive Director, CSBA)