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Read below for details on the education portion of the 2017-18 fiscal year budget

Breaking News: Budget deal comes together

Last night, Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders came together on the construct of a budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year; a deal that will be voted on in time to meet the June 15 deadline.

Details on the education portion of the budget include:
  • Funding LCFF to approximately 97 percent of implementation as proposed by the governor in the May Revision.
  • COLAs funded at 1.56 percent per statute.
  • One-time money to be distributed late in 2017-18 fiscal year at $876 million (about $148 per student). The May Revision proposal to sequester one-time money until 2019 is reportedly not included.
  • May Revision proposal to suspend/waive Test 3B through 2020-21 is reportedly included in the budget. No impact on current year or 2017-18.
    • Previous proposals to manipulate the Prop 98 guarantee and shift and defer funds between fiscal years is not included in this budget.
  • Governor’s language on Proposition 51 facilities bond money distribution will be contained in the education trailer bill to include new audit requirements and a new grant agreement.
  • COLA added to mandate block grant as was the CA Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) program.
  • $50 million added to the CA After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program to help cover increasing costs, mostly from new minimum wage requirements.
  • District of Choice program extension for one-year in its current form.
  • API suspended for an additional year.
  • Series of small one-time allocations to fulfill commitments to specific programs/legislators:
    • $7 million for County Office of Education LCAP support work. This amount is a compromise from the original ask of $20 million. Additional language will accompany this money.
    • $10 million for refugee student support
    • $25 million to continue the classified employee credential program
    • $5 million for bilingual teacher professional development
    • $5 million for History/Social Science Pilot program
    • $4 million for a new an environmental education pilot
    • $10 million in professional development for History Social Science and Health frameworks
Budget trailer bill language is to be posted today and a hearing on all trailer bills is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 13. Floor votes in both houses will occur Thursday, June 15.
Employee orientation

Employee orientation is going to be included in one of the budget trailer bills. This is an issue that has been tossed around in various forms over the past two years and at the behest of the Administration, a softer version will be voted on next week. The new version includes a non-prescriptive requirement that public employers provide unions with access to new employee orientations. The language also requires that employers and employee groups bargain what that access would look like and adds arbitration in those cases where the two sides disagree. The intent of the Administration is to enact a middle-of-the-road approach without the level of prescription that was contained in earlier versions.

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