More details on the education portion of the 2017-18 fiscal year budget

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Additional details on the education portion of the 2017-18 fiscal year budget available

Breaking News: Conference Committee Action Report posted, more approvals

Details continue to be released around the budget conference report adopted late last night. In addition to CSBA's summary published this morning, a few additional updates are available:

  • The Conference Committee Action Report has now been posted. Specifics of Trailer Bill language will be posted by Monday, June 12.
  • Please note that the District of Choice program has been extended for five (5) years, longer than previously reported.
Also approved:
  • Rate increase for the Charter Schools Facilities Incentive Grant Program – including COLAs in future years (these funds often get passed through to districts)
  • K-12 Facilities Grant Program audit trailer bill language that allows LEAs to use local funds to repay ineligible expenses instead of General Fund
  • The Assembly proposal for 12 month extension of the Proposition 39/Energy Efficiency grant encumbrance date for local educational agencies
  • $11 million one-time Title II federal funds grants to attract, support and retain effective educators and school leaders

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